To make it simple, Dustin Huff just tells people he’s from Greensburg, Indiana, but in truth, Huff was born and raised just outside the Greensburg city limits in the unincorporated town of Gaynorsville.

As a child, Dustin would sometimes travel across southeastern Indiana with his Dad’s band which sparked his interest in music. It wasn’t long before he picked up the guitar and started learning the basics with his father’s help. By the age of 15, Dustin was writing his own songs as well as studying the country classics. At 19, he decided to make the move to Nashville and has been making quite a name for himself ever since.

You can catch Dustin playing in events country wide and check out his music on online music stores and streaming services. Be sure to keep up with him on social media for the latest on show times, locations, and updates on his upcoming music.